Monday, 8 October 2012

The Craziest Beds

I have been on GOOGLE images to search for the strangest and craziest beds. I love looking for crazy objects and love what the world comes up with :) HERE WE GO...

 Bed in the middle of a swimming pool
Strange? Have a swim when you need to wake up and feeling tired. Water does wake you up.
The only problem is TV and lamps in the room with water = not a good combo.
Small space where the bed is as well.
Probably be cold in there too and smell of water.
Nope don't like this bed or the room.

 Sandwich bed
Feeling hungry? wake up in the middle of the night and take a bite of your bed. Ha not a real sandwich guys!
Doesn't look attractive or comfortable.
A very ugly bed if you ask me.
So thats a BIG NO to the sandwich bed...NEXT!!

 Circle Big Bed
I'm loving this bed!
Maybe different colour covers and pillows.
Love how its circle and a good size.
TV is in a good place.
Wondering if the bed turns to watch TV in a better angle though.
Loving this bed. I would have this bed. Five Stars *****
Space bed
I don't like the look of this bed, looks like it has not much space in there by the looks of the ladies legs. If her legs were put straight they would go over the side. So not comfortable. I like the lights in there though, thats pretty cool. I would feel closterfobic in there too. So a No for me.
 The way you Lie bed
HAHA Never seen a bed like it. Ugly bed ever!
You would have to be the same size, shape and got to lie like that all night. Otherwise you would fall off it.
Wouldn't be cozy. No for me.
Don't know if this even exists, funny if it did.
 Rollercoaster bed
Another HAHA bed. Don't know if exists.
Looks uncomfortable. Small and thin mattress.
Your have a very bumpy sleep...

No for me

 Princess bed
I love the style for a little girl. Very pretty.
But... looks small as its being a circle.
Maybe a lot bigger then it would be a like.

 Bed in a box? Box in a bed?
Looks like a sand pit my partner said.
Don't like the sides up high.
Don't like the colour, nor the style.
So No for me.

Bed in a Nest
Love how its got loads of pillows that look cozy in there.
The nest looks like paper though.
Looks quite big as by the looks of the women in the picture.
I don't like it as a bed though.
So No for me.

So thats all the craziest beds I could find on GOOGLE images for now.
Thanks for Reading.

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