Saturday, 6 October 2012

Men Vs Women Chapter 2

7 Things Men Love about our Bodies...

  1. Soft Skin
  2. Bellies
  3. Back of the Neck
  4. Arms
  5. Backs
  6. Calves
  7. Collarbones

7 Ways to Seduce a Man 

  1. Flirt - Flirt the way you used to with him. Like the first time you met him. Go back to the very start and play flirt. You forget when you have been with each other a long time how to flirt with each other. Run your finger down his chest. Detail out what you want. 
  2. Be Confident - Confidence is always sexy. Men love a women who is confident and knows what she wants. Just show him how confident you are. 
  3. Pay Attention - When a women plays attention to a man, they love it. Pay attention to what he likes.
  4. Be up Front - A Man likes to know what a woman likes and what she doesn't. Make him trust you. 
  5. Give him Teasing Kisses - Little sweet kisses can turn a man on easily. Try kissing him softly on the lips, then to his ears, then to the neck. Leave him wanting more. 
  6. Caress his Skin - Run your fingers down his arm or scraping your nails over his palm. 
  7. Talk Dirty - Just tell him how you want to touch him and what you want him to do to you. 

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