Saturday, 20 October 2012

Dream of the World

Some people don't even remember their dreams, as for me I remember a lot of my dreams. I've always wondered if our dreams have something to do with real life or if they mean anything at all. Depending on what you eat at night, before bed it reflects on our dreams, is that even true? If we think of something or have something on our mind before we go to bed, do we dream about something to do with it? What does it mean if you dream about something you shouldn't, and feel guilty about it in the morning, like you have done something wrong? Why do we have dreams in the first place? Do Animals have dreams too? Is it true we dream in black and white? I'm sure my dreams are in colour. Sometimes my dreams seem so real that when I do wake up I feel like I'm still dreaming, if that makes sense at all. I have gotten confused with a dream and reality before. Thought something happened when it didn't. Funny. I do like dreaming about something good and then I wake up and wish I had finished my dream. Always my dreams can be better than reality. Wonder why we have nightmares? I've heard if you eat cheese before bed that can give you nightmares, don't think thats true though. I've had some horrible nightmares (well there not meant to be great are they?). I have had two dreams where I have died in them. I heard that dying in your dreams is dangerous for real life? I had one where I fell off a cliff and when I woke up I was floating on my bed but I don't know if I was still dreaming or not (I am no witch). The other one was where a (now don't laugh) Dinosaur ate me. I've woken up straight away when I died in my dreams, strange and scary. On to Sexual dreams, now I have had my fair share but I wonder why we have them. 

Anyways I wish I knew why we dream :)

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