Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Kids Ideas

 Handmade Bath Crayons

Ingredients For Soap Bath Crayons
1 cup grated soap, soap flakes, or soap powder  (Finely grated Ivory soap bars are fine)
3 tablespoons to 1/4 cup warm water 
Liquid Food colouring or washable paints

How To Make The Bath Crayons
1. Mix the grated soap, flakes or powder with the warm water.
2. Add a couple drops of food colouring or washable paint to the mixture. 
 Note: Paint or food colouring may temporarily discolour your bath walls. Test out the homemade colour crayons before Child's use.  
3. . Continue mixing the soap crayon solution until it begins to thicken and hold its shape. Add more water or soap if needed. It will be very difficult to stir. 
 Once the mixture is stiff and begins to harden, it's time to mold the bath crayons.
4. Mold the soap crayons.  Allow the crayons to dry at least a couple days before popping from molds and using in the tub.

Pebble Footprints

Love this Idea for the garden. Really Cute. 

Time Out Chair

Supernanny (The TV Program) suggests every parent should have a time out chair. A way to tell your kids off and make them understand whats wrong from right. I do like the Time Out Chair. My Son is 9 Months old but not sure if we will be getting this for when his older. Bit Harsh if you ask me. 
 Cloud Mobile

Looks easy to make. 
Colourful Ribbons attached.

Bow & Ribbon Holder 

For little girls this is so pretty. 

A - Z Letters

Good Idea to have in a Child's bedroom. 

Baby Hand in Mum or Dad Hand

The Zoo Box 

I love this Idea of Animal Teddy bears all in this wooden cage box. See through as well to see all the favourite teddies.
The name of the cage box 'The Zoo' is very clever as kids might have lots of animal teddy bears. 

Love it!

This wall is so beautiful for a little girls bedroom.
Love the design of the branch and the colours and also the name at the top. 

This was an entertainment centre for the TV and storage. It has been turned into a baby changing unit. 

I have to say a very clever Idea. Doesn't look much space on the changing table part though. I love all the storage parts though. I always like loads of storage as I love to be organized. 

Nicely painted as well. 
 These are invitations for baby shower. 
Blue for a boy. But you would do pink for a girl.
Nice Idea.
I don't think you can see what it says on the box drawers. Its a Keep safe box with drawers. Example of drawers: My First Outfit, My First Tooth, My First Dummy ect...

Kids Calendar

Lovely Idea. Made with hands and fingers :)

January - Snow flake
February - Heart
March - Four Leaf Cover
April - Hand Print (not sure what of)
May - Butterfly
June - Rainbow
July - Fireworks ( I think )
August - Sun
September - Not sure
October - Pumpkin 
November - Turkey
December - Lights and a Christmas tree

 I think this calendar was made by someone who lives in America because we don't have thanksgiving in England, if though be nice too :)

Family Tree

Beautiful Idea and will have to do this when I have more kids.

 Colourful Food

Ice Cube Trays for Bight & Colourful Foods.
Guess its to see what your kid likes and don't like.

Baby Pillows

Date of Birth

Love this :)
 Guess what Gender Cupcakes

For Baby shower these cakes would be fun for a game of finding out the gender. Don't know how the game would be played, I haven't though that far ahead and I'm too tired to even think about it. I'm sure you will figure it out. 

Owl Hat

So Cute (so is the baby) 
Need this Hat badly. Let me know where I could find one for a good price :)

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