Thursday, 4 October 2012

Men VS Women Chapter 1

Things Women should know about Men...

When cooking for a man, make sure you include meat, something fried, some beer. Any of these will do.

Injury to their testicles is not funny, it hurts!

Don't make them hold your bag/purse in public. They don't want to look unmanly. 

Men hate shopping, especially when you take so long picking out a pair of shoes.

Men will leave the toilet sit up when they are done.

Don't hog the covers.

"Fine" or "Okay" is not acceptable to end an agruement.

They take money seriously, and don't like you wasting it.

Not all men are the same, their are good ones out there too.

Men play rough with you and don't even though that they are hurting you.

Men love their beer.

They love dogs but not cats.

You don't need to stop for directions, the man knows his way.

Tell him his funny, he loves it.

Don't keep asking if you look okay, they will tell you if you don't.

He heard you the first time. Honest :)

They don't like doing the laundry.

Of course size matters to men.

Men are vain, they like to look their best.

They love their football.

.....So don't try and change men....Honestly I have tried to change alot of men in the past and my Partner and nothing has worked. Men will be men. 

.... but on another note...Never say Never :)


...... lol sorry I felt the need to add this picture in as it was funny :D

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