Saturday, 3 November 2012

The Year is coming to an End

Now Christmas is nearly here (Where did the time go?) ... I have been thinking about the start of the year and my new year revolutions and wondering if I have done any of them. So going back to my list in my Diary and here is the list ...

1. Exercise ( After having my Son I still have my belly baby fat as they call it so wanted to go back down to my 8 stone )

2. Eat Healthy

3. Read a Book (I never read)

4. Start a New Hobby

5. Save up Money

6. Have a date night with my partner once a month

7. Be more organized

8. Do Yoga

9. Treat my partner once a month

10. Moan less

11. Celebrate all Holidays this year

12. Finish a Book I've wrote

13. Learn to Draw

Right thats the list and lets see if I have done any of these :)

1. I have been doing sit ups here and there but thats about it. I'm not an exercise person, I hate it to be honest. I have been wearing body wraps though and I do feel better because of these.

2. I have been eating healthy, not through the year but most days I do.

3. I never read but after hearing about 'Fifty shades of grey', I had to go buy the whole set. I have read the first book ( well I'm on the last chapter of the first book ).

4. I have started a new hobby, which is Jewellery making. I love making Bracelets and also have a shop online . Also I have made Fabric Owls which I am proud of.

5. I have never been good at saving up money so I haven't done this one at all. I have been spending like mad this year and been in debt because of it.

6. There has been no date nights what so ever.

7. I have been trying to be more organized, I'm really organized at work.

8. Haven't done any Yoga but I do want to start doing Zumba.

9. Haven't treated my partner - Sorry.

10. I do try not to moan about things as I don't want to come across as someone who moans all the time but if I have had a bad day at work I do tend to take it out on people.

11. Some Holidays we have celebrated, Halloween we didn't do anything for that - not that we should be celebrating that.

12. Haven't even touched a book I've wrote. Hopefully next year I will start.

13. Haven't learnt to draw at all and to be honest I don't really want to learn anymore. Not something I want to do.

Right I don't think I've done badly, hopefully the ones I have for next year I will do them :)

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