Sunday, 7 October 2012

6 Mistakes That End Relationships

1. Cheating -
 If you or your partner cheat then you know the relationship is over. As you or your partner ain't good enough anymore and they or you want something different.

2. No Communication -
Not telling your partner things or hardly not talking at all, is there any point of being with each other. You have to have good communication and tell each other things.

3. No Intimacy -
If you have no connection with your partner, or don't feel anything there. Is there any fun in your relationship?

4. Not Noticing each other -
You don't do anything together. Your both there doing your own things but not noticing each other. You live together but feels like your room mates instead of being in a relationship.

5. Not Listening -
When you start not listening to each other, everything just goes wrong. You will never know each others needs and what each other whats. Its easily done by not listening, but this is truly needed in a relationship.

6. No Trust -
If there is no trust in the relationship there is just no point in being together. You get paranoid all the time. Once you broken a promise, you lose trust in that person. Don't let trust go out of your relationship.

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