Saturday, 1 February 2014

iPhone and Instagram

It's sad but I have only just got an iPhone and its more sadder that the first app I downloaded was Instagram. I have had an iPad before so I know all the apps are amazing on the apple store. I knew about Instagram before but I have never had an account and never really understood it. Same really goes for twitter, think Facebook is just easier to use. Unless I'm just really stupid lol. Anyways I downloaded Instagram, made an account (shopaholic2400 if you want to follow me) and I love it! I like to look on there as it inspires me, bit like Pinterest ( which I'm addicted too). What's useful about Pinterest is that if you like something, you can look on the link of what website it's from and then you start to love the website link. I think the Internet is so amazing but think you all know that :) The thing with Instagram is sharing photos you have took yourself and inspire others or get inspiration from others. Just say I brought a new purse and posted it to Instagram, then people might like it and want to buy it. I think that's what I would like to use Instagram for - INSPIRATION... 

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