Friday, 28 September 2012

Will you still love me when I'm old?

I was watching a old couple on the bus today. About 80 years old. I can't help but think do they still look at each other and find each other attractive? Do they love each other like when they were young? Or are they just used to each other?

I've seen old women still trying her best to put her make up. Even though I think make up doesn't suit most old women. Some look like clowns the amount they put on.

Some old people still hold hands, I think thats really sweet. I would love if me and my partner were like that then.

When I'm old I think thats when i would stop caring about what other people think about me.

Old women, I see them bitch and gossip on the bus. Really funny to hear sometimes.

Its nice to grow old with someone, the journey of their life together. All the secrets and things in life they have shared together.

So I hope my partner will still love me the way he does now when I'm old :)

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