Monday, 24 September 2012

Rain down on me

You Can't Have A Rainbow Without A Little Rain

We need rain in life. For the plants to grow and for the air to be cleaned (think thats right). To us people we all hate the rain as its wet and cold (obviously). When its windy its even more horrible. 

Today on my way to work I got wet and I was more annoyed because there was a nasty big puddle and there was no way around it so I just had to go through it. My feet were very wet and freezing all day long. My hair (which I straightened, hate when I straighten it and it gets wet) was wet :(

Rain is lovely to watch though when indoors. I love watching the rain. Or... its nice when you see a film with people kissing in the rain or dancing in the rain but in reality its not as romantic. 

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