Friday, 28 September 2012

I Want A Perfect Wedding

These are the things so far I want for my wedding (when I get married).

A Magical Day

Invitations I seen on I like the fact it has a dress & a suit as this making it fits wedding theme. The Red bow is a lovely touch. Might change the colour to blue though (something blue). It would have to fold in half.  I'd keep the white card too.
This is what I want written in my Invitation.
I love these sunflower brunches. Hanging up somewhere at our  After party would be lovely.
This is a beautiful scene. I do love how its outside but it would have to be a hot summer night. Lighting is gorgeous. Candles would be nice on the tables. Some added flowers and bits and pieces to make it really pretty. Curtains are a nice touch as you could have it going round the whole tables if you wanted to. 

I had an idea when I saw these pebbles. For favours I thought it would be something different to give everyone a nice sized pebble to write a nice message on it for us. Then once wrote on it, put it into some sort of decorated big glass or thinking something like a white bird cage (but don't know if would look nice in there). 

I love this cake. As you can see not too much on it. Just simple. Love the blue and white flowers on there. 

I don't really know what to do with these, but I love the idea. Lollypops with an edible flower inside them. Very clever and very unique. Might have them as favours aswell.  

I do love this wedding dress but I don't know if I would have it as mine. 

I love these hair styles. Very pretty as I want a few curls in my hair. 

Thats all for now as I don't really know everything I want for my perfect wedding. I do want it to be special and a day to remember. Bet everyone would want this to be a day to remember :) 

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