Sunday, 23 September 2012

Buses...I need to start driving

I can't stand buses. Ever since i have gone back to work from the summer holidays, more college kids and school kids have come onto my bus. I do get a seat , but the people standing up are all crowded around. The bus driver just lets them all on and the bus driver isn't going to care how many people get on because his got a comfortable seat at the front with a door, so his safe from the crowds.  I think this is a serious health and safety issue letting loads of people on. If we crashed, all the people standing would go flying onto people sitting down and it will all be messed up. More people getting hurt.

 Mad how they don't have seat belts aswell but in some way would be pointless to have them because imagine going on the bus for 5 minutes and putting a seat belt on and then having to take it off again after 5 minutes and then someone else sitting down putting it on. So i think i understand why they don't have seat belts.

 Don't get me started on when the bus driver takes a rest for 10 minutes, reading the newspaper and having a smoke. 'Eh hello we have got places to go to'. Hate being late for work because of this.

 Buses always make me late for work. I get to the bus stop early and they never come on time. The timetable says they will be here on a certain time and they are always late.
Ever since we had a baby its been a nightmare with buses because they only let 2 prams on and our pram don't fold down because its a two piece. So if the bus already has 2 prams on and you have to wait half an hour for the next bus (worse if its freezing outside).

The bus fare on buses are NOT cheap! They need to stop putting up the prices of bus fare.

Had my bitch and my moan about buses. Its not the only thing i get angry about :) but in til next time...

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