Saturday, 29 September 2012

Teething Toys

1. Ice Ring - Teething product you can put into the freezer. Easy and simple really. They don't stay cold that long though.
 2. Teething Ring with Toys attached - Nice and decorated for a baby to use and enjoy the toys too.
3. The Giraffe - I have seen these in the shops and a lot of babies seem to have them. I don't really like the look of this one, but it seems to be one of the best out there.

Chart below shows reasons for it being a good teething toy.

 4. Raspberry Dummy - I like this one, its cute and pretty. As its a dummy its easy for a baby to use and bite on. The Raspberry part has bumps (as I call them) on it as for texture.
5. Nuby Gel Keys - These are great. My son loves these. You put these ones in the fridge. Like gel inside the keys. The gel gets cold. I also love the make Nuby, they have good stuff. Plus this one is nice as its a set of keys. Every baby loves keys :)
 6. Wooden Teething Toy - I don't really get this one. Would it take like wood? Must be safe to use for a baby somehow. Don't like the design or how its wood. You can get different shapes, letters, numbers and animals ect.
7. Colourful Links - I love this product. I had to go out and buy some colourful links for my son. I brought 25 pack I think of links. They are the best teething toy. He loves them. Easy to pick up and bite on. The links connect together so you won't lose them. There colourful aswell, babies love colour. There just something different. Take them anywhere as they link to other things (toys, pram, car seat ect.).
 8. Baby Teething Necklace - I didn't think these were safe as it might break, but because I have never seen these before I can't really judge on how they look and if they are safe to use. Must be though as for a baby. I know babies love necklaces, as my son always grabs at my necklace (oh and my hair).

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