Sunday, 23 September 2012

Share The Love

10 Great ways to show your LOVE

1. Try writing a love note, or even a sweet poem.
2. Ask him on a date. Even if you have been together for years, its still nice to go out on a real date. Make it special by going once a month. Keep the relationship loving and strong.
3. Be considerate. Respect your partner. Remembering your partners needs and being supportive in the relationship. Just appreciate what you have.
4. Help each other out. Whether its taking in turns to do the washing or making the tea. Don't let any of you stress out. 
5. Take interest in his interests. What hobbies he likes and what he takes interest in. This will make him feel loved. 
6. Show your appreciation. Sometimes we take each other for granted. Just remember your manners and be grateful for the things he does for you. 
7. Hugs and cuddles. Always easy to give hugs and cuddles to show your love and its nice too.
8. Cook for him. Make a lovely meal for the two of you, maybe with candles and light music. Make his favourite meal and enjoy each others company. 
9. Be nice to his friends and family. Its important to him that you get on with his friends and family and they get on with you. So make an effort too. 
10. Make an effort on looking good for him. Even though you have been together for years. Still make an effort on looking good. Pamper yourself aswell :)

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