Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Men & Multi-tasking just don't go together!

I want a guy to prove me wrong on this.

It is so annoying when i'm talking to my partner while his on laptop, he ignores me. He doesn't do this once, its loads of times. He does admit that he can't multi task though.

Are all men like this? Can't they Multi- task?

I read on the internet on one website:

Psychologists have proven that men really are worse at multitasking than women, although it does depend on the task.

It is an age old complaint - that men are incapable of doing more than one thing at once.
Researchers decided to test the truth of the commonly held belief after discovering that no scientific research had ever been done into it.
They found that when women and men work on a number of simple tasks - such as searching for a key or doing easy maths problems - at the same time, the women significantly outperformed the men.
Scientists believe that the results show that females are better able to reflect upon a problem, while continuing to juggle their other commitments, than men.

I really wish my partner could multi-task - Life would be easier

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